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Many, many decades ago when we kids didn’t feel good, our parents brought us to our local neighborhood doctor. After a full exam and good advice, our parents paid the secretary “$2.” Some patients brought the doctor a gallon of homemade wine or homemade cookies. Years later, the fee was “$5.” No insurance company was involved. What happened??

Because of malpractice suits, today doctors have to pay huge medical malpractice insurance and send us for MRIs, CAT Scans, cardiac exams, colonoscopies,, mammogram’s and a huge battery of tests.

The old doctors delivered babies and also performed operations. They didn’t have specialty titles. My doctor recently asked his good friend, a hand surgeon, ”What is your specialty, the right hand or the left hand?”

Recently, at the birthday party of a mutual friend, several of us got on the subject of the high cost of prescription plans. As we heard one horror story after another, the woman going through the doughnut hole, grabbed our attention. As many of us with busy lives, who have received the huge book from the insurance company, she neglected to read the details of the benefits and the cost of these benefits. She and her husband retired from work at 72 years old and looked forward to a hard earned retirement.

Unfortunately, her husband is now going for dialysis treatment. His wife always picks up his necessary monthly medication.Recently, as usual, she went to pick up his medication and ready to pay the usual amount. Her knees buckled when the pharmacist informed her that the medication she had been paying $38 was now $775. The medication that was $25 was now $375, and the third medication that was also $25 was now $78. They had reached the “doughnut hole.“ They were also informed that after spending $4,500 out-of-pocket, they would go back to the former rates.

We, the taxpaying citizens, better start screaming at our congressmen and senators to fix this outlandish, unreasonable, unfair prescription insurance rip off. Washington spent an entire year on a health plan that none of us had a clue what was in it.

The house speaker assured the public, “First we pass the health pllan and then we will read what’s in it.”

The year should have concentrated on jobs and high cost of prescription drugs. Fix one or two problems at a time, not overhaul the entire health insurance plan. Where are the lions in our Congress and Senate or are they all being led like sheep?

What about the zillions of dollars being squandered on 24-7 commercials on pills that they sing and dance to and promise will cure every ailment we have. The side effects of these pills are scarier then the ailments.They conveniently omit the sad fact that many of these so called tested pills have been guilty of causing death.

We better all pick up our phones and inform every elected official that we voted them into office to represent us and to fix unfair policies that will send us into a huge hole, and the end of years of hard work to subsidize those who haven’t contributed a dime to their future retirement. Our elected officials must stop the insanity. If they don’t, we voted them in and we can vote them out.

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