Ferry Point Civic Association

The Whitestone Bridge was shut down after a Metropolitan Transportation Authority truck crashed into a sign on the Queens side causing it to fall. The truck had a crane attached to its back which struck the sign and metal support system. According to the MTA, two contractors inside the vehicle, who were hired to paint the bridge towers, suffered minor injuries.

The Whitestone Bridge was closed in both directions for hours on Friday, March 27, while crews worked to remove the debris. Officers eased traffic conditions by directing vehicles to the Throgs Neck or the Robert F. Kennedy bridges via Lafayette Avenue. Traffic was back up the Hutchinson River Parkway and service roads since some motorists waited patiently for the bridge to reopen. Traffic was diverted through the residential neighborhood to Brush Avenue as well as the ring road under the Whitestone Bridge. Fortunately, the new one way streets, Wenner and Rohr places, allowed Ferry Point residents the ability to leave the community due to traffic flowing away from the bridge, rather than backing up the streets.

The bridge reopened around 7 p.m. and the traffic in the Ferry Point community finally subsided. All residents whose email addresses were on file with the Ferry Point Civic Association, Inc. received immediate notification of the Whitestone Bridge closure. If you would like to be added to the emergency contact list, email JSohmers@gmail.com or FerryPoint Press@gmail.com with your full name. You may also provide any contact information such as home address and telephone number. We do not solicit or sell your information.

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