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Virtual Guided Tours of Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Past Exhibitions Now Available On-Line

April 2, 8 am5 pm.


While you’re staying safe at home during the current Covid 19 emergency, you can still join the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) in Harlem online and experience two of our groundbreaking exhibitions, the 2017, Race, Myth, Art, and Justice! and the 2018 Liminal Space. Simply visit our Google Culture page at: https://artsandculture.google.com/partner/cccadi

About the Exhibitions 

RACE, MYTH, ART AND JUSTICE! Curated by Grace Aneiza Ali and C. Daniel Dawson, Project Coordinator: Marta Moreno Vega, President of the Creative Justice Initiative

Presented in 2017, Race, Myth, Art and Justice! explores intersecting ideas of race, myth, art, and justice through the lens and unique interpretations of twelve inter-generational photographers. Via innovative contemporary art practices, the photographers engage with the premise of “race” as a social construct rooted in myth, while simultaneously interrogating its profound implications and indignities on our 21st-century lives.

Featured Artists: Kwesi Abbensetts, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Terry Boddie, Jonathan Gardenhire, John E. Dowell, Jr. Adama Delphine Fawundu, Deborah Jack, Zoraida Lopez-Diago, Radcliffe Roye, Stan Squirewell, Ming Smith, Deborah Willis.

With roots in the United States and throughout Africa and the Caribbean—including Guyana, Jamaica, Nevis, Panama, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, and Sierra Leone—the photographers draw from an African Diasporic worldview steeped in their personal experiences as well as larger geographical political histories. Collectively, their images offer a poignant and provocative portrait of the ways the mythology of race and the pursuit of justice continue to permeate the global African experience.

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LIMINAL SPACE, Curated by Grace Aneiza Ali

On view in 2018, Liminal Space honors contemporary artists from Guyana, who through their creative vision are examining what dislocation and dispossession from one’s homeland means. Inevitably exposing the systematic pattern of displacement endured from Guyana, East Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx, to Brazil. This exhibit encourages us to think about how we address the unjust mass consolidation of wealth and how this negatively impacts Afro-descendant communities globally.

Featured Artists: Kwesi Abbensetts, Damali Abrams, Khadija Benn, Victor Davson, Stanley Greaves, Carl Hazlewood, Dominque Hunter, Michael Lam, Donald Locke, Andrew Lyght, Suchitra Mattai, Christie Neptune, Mason Richards, Karran Sahadeo, Keisha Scarville, Arlington Weithers.

Liminal Space also speaks to the broader emergence of the Caribbean diaspora in global metropolises. While these artists narrate experiences specific to the Guyanese diaspora, they simultaneously unpack the act of migration as a constant site of engagement and what it means to be an immigrant in our 21st-century world.

EXHIBITIONS AT CCCADI – Since its founding in 1976, the intersection of arts, culture and social justice has been the foundation of CCCADI exhibitions program. For over 43 years, CCCADI has promoted the aesthetics and creative expressions of artists, scholars and researchers focused on connecting African Diaspora themes in their work. The Center has consistently provided space for artists, exhibitions, and dialogues across generational connections to provide cultural context, expansion and deepening of cultural threads that are shared  by artists of the African Diaspora.


In response to the current Covid 19 emergency, CCCADI has launched a Cultural Response + Community Resources Portal which can be found at www.cccadi.org, and includes important information for our community, Emergency Resources List for Artists, uplifting content straight from our archives, free exhibition education guides for parents and more.


ABOUT CCCADI – The Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute (CCCADI) is an arts, culture, education, and media organization that advances cultural equity and justice for African descendant communities. For more information about CCCADI and our Resources Portal, please visit: www.cccadi.org.

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