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Roselle Street house secured

Bronx Times

A home on Roselle Street where work was started months ago but never completed is now being sealed after rear windows and entrances were left exposed.

The house, located at 1527 Roselle Street, was to be sealed by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development after a violation was issued on Sunday, October 9 giving its owner until Tuesday, October 18 to correct open access from the side and rear basement and first floor.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca passed by the site while on his way to the 2011 Bronx Columbus Day Parade and immediately contacted HPD as well as the Sanitation Department, which removed garbage and debris from the vacant home’s yard on Tuesday, October 11, Vacca said.

“The owner has filed plans with the Buildings Department for renovations, but he cannot leave this house in this kind of condition,” Vacca said before the building was cleaned and sealed. “The yard has to be maintained and kept clean, and the property must be secured so that vandals cannot gain access.”

Neighbors had conflicting views. Dale Dudley, who lives nearby, said that there have not been any issues with young people or squatters entering the house.

“It is just a vacant house, but I don’t see any kids going into the house to drink or smoke,” Dudley said. “I work during the day, and I am home at night and come outside onto the steps to smoke cigarettes, and I never see anyone going in or out of there for any reason.”

Resident Tom McCormack, who lives diagonally across the street at 1520 Roselle Street, called the vacant property an eyesore.

“The owner came and pulled the whole inside of the house out, removing four of five large Dumpsters,” McCormack said. “He pulled the chimney out, left a hole in the roof, and then walked away.”

Individuals are entering the house to remove pipes at night, McCormack stated.

Even if there had yet to be any serious vandalism at the site, it still has to be secured, Vacca said.

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