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Jets 17 Chargers 14

Norv Turner’s play calling worked toward the Jets’ strengths. Instead of continuing passes to Gates (8-930) and Jackson (7-111), he called rushes at the most inopportune moments for SD. SD’s discipline also disintegrated with 10 penalties for 87 yards that led directly to 2 TD’s for the Jets. I thought that Simms and Nantz were great commenting and jinxing Kaeding into 3 missed FG’s. Greene had 129 rushing yards for NY including that 50 yarder. The Jets “D” had 2 sacks and 2 INT’s.

The Colts, now, are a whole different ballgame.

Art Rust, RIP

Art always said that, “Tomorrow is a promissory note; yesterday is a cancelled check.” He was an original in sports programming and will be greatly missed. Good night my friend.

I’m Sorry

I just cannot get “Pants on the Ground” out of my head!

Oh No

The Red Sox have a problem created by GM Theo Epstein. They have too many starting pitchers (6 in number- Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Tim Wakefield, and Matsuzaka). I wonder who’ll be going to the pen.

Paging Scott Boros

According to, Charlie Brown has racked up a 7-29 20-year career won-loss mark.

Short Sheeting

RHP Ben Sheets would be a good staff-mate, on the Mets, with Johan Santana as long as his elbow is sound. His 8–year career WHIP is 1.2.

Home Run- Back

And Forth

Recently there’s been a lot of ink used to say that something “has to be done” about the home run marks that were set by Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, et al. But I say- NO, why do we have to do anything. There were no asterisks added when the pitchers’ mound was higher; there were no special list after the spitball was outlawed; and no special wings of the MLB-HOF were discussed when the baseball wrappings were tightened and helped Babe Ruth hit his blasts.

The “Integrity of Baseball” wasn’t compromised. Let’s move on!

Public Spanking

Greg Cote wrote in the Miami Herald, “Everybody knew it. I’ve been writing it for years (me too). But Tuesday it became official. Major League Baseball and its players union came out publicly and admonished the Marlins for underspending on its player payrolls -- specifically for not spending as much from its revenue-sharing proceeds as the rules require. This is an extraordinary public spanking. It is unpreceden­ted.”

Not So Fast

Bob Molinaro looked at Mike Shanahan’s record and said on, “After a two-year hiatus from NFL reality, the Redskins went out and got themselves a real head coach to work with Dan Snyder’s salary-inflated roster. Mike Shanahan’s reputation, though, is a trifle inflated, too. After John Elway retired, Shanahan’s Broncos won one playoff game in 10 seasons.”

Pleasant TV

Bruce Jenkins said in his blog in the SF Chronicle, “Sure is fun watching the Cowboys without wondering when Terrell Owens will drop his next pass. And it’s always enjoyable listening to Cris Collinsworth work with Al Michaels on NBC. As much as I liked John Madden, I didn’t think he’d be missed at all, and that seems to be the consensus among TV critics. Collinsworth is so good, Michaels said recently, it’s like “Mantle replacing DiMaggio.”



Jim said that the Celtics will finish first in the NBA’s East,just edging out the Cavs. Doc Rivers reaction? “I don’t have one. I mean, have you seen how lousy the East is? The ‘86 Celtics could have won this thing, and half of them have plastic knees.”

Starbury in China

The Sports Curmudgeon wondered, “Am I the only one who recalls that Stephon Marbury declared that he was taking the 2009/10 basketball season off to look after his business enterprises? I did not realize that meant signing with a team in the CBA - - that is the Chinese Basketball Association - - in an attempt to expand the marketing potential for his low-cost shoes. When he signed, Shanxi was the 12th place team in a 17-team league. It will be interesting to see if Starbury can change the team’s fortunes.

I’m Not Getting Older,

I’m Getting Better

Here is a note from Dwight Perry in the Seattle Times:

“And in seniors boxing news, Evander Holyfield, 47, fights Francois Botha, 41, on Feb. 20. Is the world really ready to see two old punchers wearing white shoes, black gartered socks and boxing trunks pulled up to their armpits?”

He’s Still Got It

Just to show he hasn’t lost his touch,

Dwight said: “Yes, Ghana boxer Joshua Clottey and Spanish biker Marc Coma have two of the most macabre surnames in sports these days, but neither can touch the all-time champ: Former hydroplane racer Tommy D’Eath.”

Car Talk

Also from Dwight, “In the Toronto Sun, after General Motors ended its gratis-car arrangement with Tiger Woods: “Tiger loses his Caddie.”

And “The husband-and-wife Hasselbecks will do a one-day job swap this month, with Elizabeth spending Jan. 19 as an NFL analyst for ESPN and Tim serving as a co-host of ABC’s “The View” on Jan. 28.

“Here’s hoping John Daly never marries a Playboy centerfold.” Geek-Chic

Curling has become a popular “sport” has proved attractive to Engineers because of the angles and geometry of the sport. Ha! I find walking is difficult any time- but playing on ice, not so nice. Steve Schrader said in the Detroit Free Press that Laphroaig Islay Single Malt is being named the official scotch of the US Curling Association: “Yes! Nothing like scotch and rocks.”

Naming Rights

The Sports Curmudgeon pierced a balloon by saying: “Naming rights and celebrity sponsorships have always been risky propositions for corporate brands and have had dubious value in more cases than not. Just as there was a “dot-com bubble” and a “real estate bubble”, perhaps there has been a “branding bubble” in terms of the magnitude of the money thrown at buildings and celebrities to be latter day billboards for corporations. If that source of revenue shrinks or even dries up, the effect on the sports world will be significant and painful.

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