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AECOM opens Barnes and Noble staffed bookstore

Buying books for school will be a whole lot easier for students of Albert Einstein College of Medicine when they begin their fall semester in the next few weeks. 

AECOM officials expect that sometimes within the next week, the school will open a dedicated college bookstore in the lobby of the Forscheimer Building on Morris Park Avenue. 

Staffed by Barnes & Noble, as is the case for most college bookstores, the 400 square-foot bookstore will, for the first time in over 30 years, provide students with one central location to purchase all their assigned textbooks. 

“This is something the students have wanted for a very long time,” noted Jack Zencheck, the chief procurement officer for the University.  “In the past, our faculty had to order the books from Barnes & Noble and we would have to set aside a place where kids could pick them.  And then once we sold the books, students would have no where to go for any school needs.”

Noting that students do not often have the time to leave the school grounds and run up to CVS on Williamsbridge Road for any supplies or to a local grocer for a snack, the need for a store open all-year-round was necessary. 

In addition to books, which students can purchase on a University discount, the newest addition to AECOM will also sell blank media, pens, and other necessary tools for everyday class work, while also supplying students with kosher snacks, that includes, but is not limited to a Hershey’s chocolate bar, gum, and cookies.  A café already on the school grounds supplies students with their daily coffee and refreshment needs. 

Although in medical school, there is often not a need to do so, students do have the option of selling back textbooks, as there is a re-sale program at the school. 

Local residents will not really have a need to step in off the street, as the bookstore may, if there is space, carry only a few paperback bestsellers for students looking for something to do on their breaks outside of studying. 

“Then again, maybe they will want to come inside and buy an Albert Einstein College of Medicine sweatshirt,” noted Zencheck, who further commented that security concerns may prevent sales to non-guests. 

Other items containing the school’s logo will be for sale, giving students a true college experience. 

“We want to foster a sense of school pride,” Zencheck said.


As of now, hours of operation have yet to be determined, although the bookstore is expected to be open late during the first few weeks to accommodate the crowds expected during the start of the school year. 

“We’ll determine the hours afterwards based on the needs of our students,” Zencheck said.  “Right now, we’re just excited to offer this new service to the school.”

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