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Carrion releases Back-to-School Enrollment FAQ for semester start

In advance of the start of new school year on September 2, Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr. released a Back to School Enrollment Fact Sheet as a part of an outreach campaign to address repeated issues that arise for parents at the start of the school year when dealing with Bronx schools.

To help parents navigate the confusing public school enrollment process and prepare for the new school year, the borough president released this easy-to-read fact sheet explaining in a step- by- step manner how to find the way through the annual process.

"In past years, there have often been many problems for Bronx parents at the start of the school year. Some parents have complained about late buses and misplaced bus stops; not being able to register their children; and lack of available special educations services in their schools among other problems," said Carrion. "In order to assure that the start of the new school year to be problem-free, I am taking a proactive role to educate parents about how to navigate the enrollment process."

The fact sheet contains information for parents about: which documents are needed to enroll their children; how to determine which school their children should attend; how to register their children for school buses or free metro cards; how to receive language assistance from the NYC Department of Education; and how to arrange special education services for their children.

The fact sheet is also available on the Borough President's website at, The fact sheet is printed in English and Spanish. In addition, the fact sheet will be distributed in the next two weeks to libraries, hospitals and health clinics throughout the borough.

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