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Senator Klein prunes tree after near-fatal accident

An elderly couple in Morris Park had a dangerous tree removed just four days after a branch fell within two feet of the woman, nearly causing serious injury.

The traumatic event toped off a line of bad luck that Senator Jeff Klein’s office successfully eased.

Anne Curasi was nearly hit by a falling tree branch on Yates Avenue when she took out her garbage the morning of April 1, just hours before she went to visit her husband in the hospital.

With her husband Angelo’s unexpected internal bleeding and her own close call, Anne knew it was time for preventative measures.

That day she called Klein’s office asking for immediate pruning of the dangerously overgrown tree. While Angelo was recovering, Klein sprang into action, taking a request that normally takes a few weeks and getting results in just two days, dramatically easing the couple’s chance at future bad luck.

“Government needs to work for people, not against them,” exclaimed the senator.  “I’m glad that we were able to take care of the Curasi’s tree in an efficient manner and avoid potential tragedy.”

Anne said it was more than luck that saved her from the large limb that fell from the Yates Avenue tree.

“I have an angel sitting on my shoulder,” she said. “Senator Klein was really on the ball.

“I was becoming desperate,” she continued.  “I called the Parks department for years, asking for help. So, when the limb came down, I had to call my senator. I prayed to God, asking if we had enough to deal with already.”

Klein, whose office handles numerous tree pruning request, was thankful for Curasi’s faith in his abilities, believing that while elected officials need to work together to get people the services they need, basic safety should not be a privilege. 

“I’m just grateful that Mrs. Curasi was unharmed and that Mr. Curasi is expected to make a nice recovery,” Klein said. “We need to do everything we can to keep our seniors comfortable so that they can continue to live full and active lives.”

Anne and her husband have lived on the block for more than 50 years. Her husband’s family had lived there 62 years prior.

“I was just so pleased because we have children on the block,” Anne stated. “My husband and I liked the Bronx when were young, and we continue to like it today. We have lived here for generations.”

Anne said she loves everything about her Morris Park neighborhood, from the way her Laundromat delivers to her home, to the familiar faces she sees at Anne Clair’s Salumeria, where she likes to shop for food.

As for Angelo, he should be home soon.

“My husband is recuperating now,” Anne noted. “Hopefully, he will be home in a couple of weeks.”

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