July, 2014

Pelham Parkway

Bronx philanthropist Elias Karmon gets Pelham Parkway street named in his honor

Elias Karmon, ‘Mr. Bronx,’ was honored this past Sunday with a street renaming recognizing his committment to the borough he loved. Read more…

June, 2014

Boro Beat

Jeff Klein happy where he is, thank you very much

Jeff Klein is hanging tough, sitting pretty, and apparently intends to stay that way as co-leader of the Senate with Republicans. Read more…
Boro Beat

Could Cuomo be wooing Klein back into regular Democratic fold?

Could Gov. Cuomo be trying to woo Senator Jeff Klein and his five-member Independent Democratic Conference back to the regular Democratic fold? Read more…

May, 2014

Boro Beat

Klein survives fire and brimstone for endorsement

Lordy! We thought we were back down at one of those Southern Baptist tent revivals, listening to challenger Oliver Koppell and his supporters hurling the wrath of regular Dems at Senator Jeff Klein May 22 at Riverdale’s Ben Franklin Reform Dem club. Read more…

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Boro Beat

Councilman Cabrera makes it official: He’s challenging Senator Rivera

UPDATE: Senator Jeff Klein trounced former City Councilman (among other elected offices) Oliver Koppell Thursday night for the endorsement of Riverdale’s heavyweight Ben Franklin Reform Democrat club. The vote went 96-38, with 11 members voting for no endorsement at the end of a raucous, mud-slinging meeting. Read more…
Boro Beat

Koppell-Klein race off and running

Okay, now that Oliver Koppell has officially come out swinging at Senator Jeff Klein for his 34th Senate District seat, let the games begin. Read more…
Boro Beat

Petitioning season around the bend, with hoopla and hijinks already under way

While Bronx voters went big time for Bill de Blasio, we haven’t seen any real mayoral rewards coming back to the borough. Could that be because Bronx Democratic Party Boss Carl (The Silent) Heastie and Boro Prez Ruben Diaz pulled out all the stops for former city Comptroller Bill Thompson ‘til his crashing defeat in the Democratic mayoral primary? Read more…

April, 2014

Boro Beat

Jeff Klein pulls out sledge hammer to scare off Ollie Koppell challenge

Some politicians use a switchblade to deal with challengers or enemies, i.e. Gov. Cuomo. Senate Independent Democratic Conference leader Jeff Klein apparently uses a sledge hammer. Read more…
Boro Beat

If not now, soon enough for Bronx Dems and Espaillat

It was out with the old, in with new on Monday, April 14, as Bronx Dems followed in Boro Prez Ruben Diaz Jr.’s footsteps by endorsing state Senator Adriano Esapaillat over incumbent Charlie Rangel for congress. Read more…
Boro Beat

Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson running for Mount Vernon mayor

State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson tells us she’s officially running for mayor of Mount Vernon. Read more…
Boro Beat

Rep. Serrano, Montefiore Med Center on the political freeze list

Looks like the Bronx Democratic Party has left South Bronx Congressman Jose Serrano on his own this time around to gather nominating petitions for the June 24 congressional primary. Read more…

March, 2014

Boro Beat

Hot seat for Klein not cooling off

Senator Jeff Klein has been on the hot seat lately, and though he’s been givin’ as good as he’s gettin’, it’s not cooling off. Read more…
Boro Beat

Jeff Klein’s Dream Act ‘fan club’

With that DREAM Act going down in flames by two votes in the state Senate, Jeff Klein still walks away looking good for at least trying, according to one Bronx frenemy, while two other less enamored Bronx pols bashed him. Read more…
Boro Beat

PC Bratton shakeup hits the Bronx

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s major department shakeup on Tuesday includes a new commander and deputy for the Bronx, where crime drops have been dramatic. Read more…

February, 2014

Boro Beat

New club, no challenge and no endorsement....

Lotta breaking news (and we assume we’re beating the bloggers) in this column, so here we go.... Read more…
Boro Beat

Challenging times for Bronx pols

That brewing challenge by west Bronx City Councilman Fernando Cabrera to state Senator Gustavo Rivera has elicited a response from Gustavo that boiled down, translates to “Bring it on!” Read more…

Incumbent vs. incumbent brawl brewing

A couple of nasty potential political challenges are brewing in the Bronx, and they’re all about incumbents looking to take out incumbents. Read more…
Boro Beat

‘Don’t Worry’ Murray doin’ time

Life is good for Murray “Don’t Worry Murray” Richman. Read more…

January, 2014

Boro Beat

Party vs. Gustavo still percolating

In a world full of game playing people, goes one of our favorite sayings, God took pity and invented the empty smile. Read more…
Boro Beat

For Party, revenge tastes best warm

While new Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito tried to be a tiny bit kinder, gentler with the borough’s council delegation on Wednesday, the Bronx Democratic Party was weighing its own revenge on her borough supporters. Read more…
Boro Beat

All Hail Melissa

WHAT A FINISH! Read more…
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