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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bronx Times Reporter

Mental Health Commissioner to meet over Lyvere Street

Although residents lost their fight to keep the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health off of Lyvere Street, Office of Mental Health commissioner Michael Hogan has finally agreed to meet with Community Board 10 to address its concerns.  Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Abandoned car continues to irk Pelham Gardens

Over a year ago, a Toyota Corolla showed up outside Lori Mooney’s apartment on Pelham Parkway North and Fenton Avenue and never left.  Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Marvin Place residents: Take our street, please

Approximately every four or five years residents of Marvin Place say they are notified that the street is for sale, a proposition that frequently confuses real estate speculators. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Ferry Point residents irked by trucks seeking short cuts

Residents of two small streets in the Ferry Point community are up in arms about tractor-trailer trucks deviating from their prescribed routes and cutting through residential blocks. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

CI students donate books to Jacobi’s pediatric ER

First graders from P.S. 175, on City Island, learned a lesson in sharing while visiting Jacobi Medical Center’s pediatric emergency room on May 22 and 23.  Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Dog walkers turn vacant lot into a poochie toilet

Residents of Bayview and Outlook avenues in Spencer Estate are often besieged with illegal littering and dumping, however, according to one area resident, the latest waste is coming from the neighborhood’s four-legged friends. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Dunkin’ Donuts to awaken sleepy Throggs Neck corner

A vacant corner store in Throggs Neck that was literally once to pieces is going to get a caffeinated boost from a very well known business. Read more…

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